Difference Between Confident Leader  and Non-confident Leader

Self-confidence is pivotal to success in leadership or any management position. There is a huge difference between a confident leader and unconfident leader. It is clearly seen in the results of their leadership.

If you going to grow your leadership and influence work on you. You cannot lead without leading yourself first. You can only gain the confidence of others when you have gained the confidence of yourself.

Generally, studies have shown that women want to lead and be successful, but something is holding them back and making it even harder! And that factor is the lack of confidence in themselves.

See the table of difference and locate where you are in your journey to building your confidence and growing your influence.

1 Competence A self-confident leader is perceived as competent anytime The non-confident leader is perceived instantly as incompetent even if knowledgeable and skilful
2 Thinking Are more positive in their thinking, Abilities and skills This leader is negative, unsure and anxious. They generally don’t believe in themselves
3 Influence This personality is warm and caring. Focused on impacting others These personalities are wrapped up in their world. Are concerned about the impact of others on them
4 Decision A self-confident person makes decision easilyThe non-confident leader would not make a decision even in the face of apparent statistical analysis
5 Risk They take planned risk This fellow is risk-averse
6 Project handling Sees as competitive and gets support Sees as incompetent and many are reluctant to support
7 Relationship People find a self-confident leader attractive and they make friends easily This one repels people
8 Results Gets more results and opportunities for work No one wants to give this person what will flop
9 PersuasiveThey speak convincingly. They speak clearly and assuredly Finds it difficult to sell even themselves
10 Inspiration Self-confident people inspire confidence in others Non-confident people are like flat tyres – very annoying
11 PerformanceThey confidently reach for their goals and know to get the impossible done Non-confident people tend to fail because they believe they can’t and don’t have what it takes to surmount the impossible
12 Listening They listen to people and people listen to them This leader does not listen to his team because they feel they know it all. They too don’t get listened to even if they have knowledge.
13 Personality This leader is charismatic. Her personality is most loved and admired They pass unnoticed and personality disjointed
14 Learning This leader loves to learn, learns faster and willing to apply what was learnt This leader is unteachable. Learns slowly and very unwilling to apply knowledge
15 Failure Willing to learn from failure and arises when the chips are down Failure means don’t try again
16 Communication A self-confident leader speaks with the assurance and certainty that command respect and followership This non-confident leader speaks with uncertainty and appears unsure and that reduces their influence
17 Empathy Show more care and preference for others They are bossy! Don’t care about others feeling
18 Belief This leader believes in her own abilities before others do. She sticks to her guns even when others criticize her This fellow shifts to people opinion of them and are often confused with wavering opinions.
19 Compliment Accept compliments with grace and gratitude Dismiss compliments with a sense of uncertainty
20 Mistakes Admit it when they are wrong and learn from it This one tries hard to cover their mistakes
21 Leadership Has higher influence, get promoted faster Not influential
22 Social skill Relates easily with people and is unafraid to surround self with strong and challenging people Looks for groups she can control and cowers amid more intelligent and smarter teams. Sometimes, they want all the shine to be about them and nobody else.