The first African American first lady Michelle Obama connected self-confidence to success in a statement to graduates “Your success will be determined by your own confidence and fortitude”.

Does that suggest that self-confident people more successful then? Absolutely!

 What is it that makes self-confidence a must-have?

Studies in the past 50 years on self-confidence and success has proven that the two are at least linked. The study showed that self-confident people are more successful in all areas of life. Another study documented by a psychologist stated that there is a connection between self-confidence and success. Also, a pilot study at the University of Melbourne found some correlation between confidence levels as early as primary school and success in the workplace as adults. Does that hit the point on the importance of building self-confidence in your career?

A strong belief in self is required to approach life and its challenges as a master without which you become a victim. Developing this trait can help you achieve and reach for any height in your career. The thing is that you probably might have this trait but don’t see it that way. When you have this belief in yourself that unleashes a commitment to succeed and reach the possible height in your career, then you got it! Just develop it to its fullest potential because it will take you places.

As a career woman, how do you build self-confidence?

I have noticed even with myself that people who doubt their potentials and capabilities avoid task or projects that could have helped them discover something new about themselves and their capabilities. But for some, they avoid such projects as they term it ‘extra work’. This so-called ‘extra work’ is what moves people forward in their career pursuit. Those who avoid such task or projects or get involved with low commitment short-change themselves. They receive this invisible label of ‘non-competence’.

 How Far Can You Really go in Your Career Without Self-confidence?

Not too far gurl! Confidence is among the biggest factors impacting leadership, success and fulfilment in a career.  Half of those surveyed in 2016 Edward Jones Women’s Conference said confidence is the single most important tool in career success and advancement. The prevailing wisdom has assumed that a high degree of self-confidence leads to promotions and leadership success. Hope all these justify why you should invest in a confidence combo!

If Demonstrating Confidence in Your Career is a Risk, Take It!

There are risks that are worth your positive action. Let’s face it. Building and demonstrating high faith in your abilities to make the right choices, take a stand at decision time or take massive actions on your goals without impetus from anyone is both strategic and alluring. Those who avoid taking such risk for fear of failure end up failures all the time.

So what makes you a leader in your field or career is never the avoidance of risk. It is the embrace of strategic risk especially considering the rewards that come with it. It is one asset you have to consider investing your time and resources in.

From my experience in a professional environment, confidence is a trait required for upward mobility in your profession. It is an asset for people who want to go far. I mean, for upward mobility in your career, you need to constantly sell yourself as worthy of the job and able to do the task at hand. For instance, when you are in a meeting with top Management and you are asked to give your viewpoint over a matter, don’t be afraid to open your mouth. I will tell you why. I had a colleague who baffled me in her attitude and response during one of our meetings years back. There was this business review session that we had and when the Managing Director asked to hear the opinion of everyone about a financial presentation, everyone else gave their position confidently but this colleague of mine with due respect said she had nothing to contribute. Everyone burst into laughter, but I watched the Managing Director shook his head. That sent a message to me like “Then you have no business seating in this meeting”. Disapproval as Head of that Department was gradually building up. Few months down the line she was replaced by a new Head of Department. That’s an example of lack of self-confidence.

Lesson learnt? It is unprofessional to say you have no opinion in a management meeting or any meeting of importance to you. That is a lack of confidence in your own opinion and competence! Risk opening your mouth confidently. It has a way of positioning you strategically for promotion and success on your job. Whether you know it or not, you are always being auditioned for the position you hold.

What are the Benefits of Building Strong Self-confidence in your Career?

  • It is your number one trait for promotion on the job
  • Your talent, gift and abilities depend on it to be optimized
  • It is your key to accessing high salary increase
  • It makes you appear more attractive and more competent
  • It makes you admirable and respected
  • Self-confidence will always lead to improved performance at work
  • It inspires people to believe in you and identify with you
  • It’s a prerequisite for management positions but nobody will tell you that
  • It is your most valuable business and career asset
  • People pay for your confidence before paying for your services and goods
  • It is a deciding factor for how people respond to you
  • People tend to judge you as competent for the task they are entrusting to you
  • It gives you a sense of control in your life
  • It makes you likeable and triggers upward mobility at work

How Do You Build Strong Self-confidence for your Career success?

What is the foundation of building stronger confidence? The foundation of lasting self-confidence is not in bagging several certifications and degrees as a career person. Being the boss too does not impart confidence. Stuffing your wardrobe with designer wears won’t bring you lasting self-confidence. Acquiring new human hair and make-up would not do the magic. Remember, you want to build long-lasting, long-term confidence. So what will help you build self-confidence that will stand the test of time?

1. Self-discovery

I have searched for ways to build this all-important trait called self-confidence and I realised that the foundation is in discovering YOU. If you have not taken time to discover who you are, every other block will not stand. Give yourself the chance to discover who you are and who you are made to be because your long-lasting and unshakable confidence stems from a knowledge of who you are, what your purpose is, what you know you are capable of doing with your life and totally embracing YOU without wavering.

2. Empower Yourself Through Knowledge

Explore yourself daily. Set empowering goals. Affirm who you are and your abilities. Stir up the divine energy of faith and assurance. Search the scriptures for knowledge of who you are! Find out what God has said concerning you. Find out who He says you are and what He says you can do and have. Then affirm it non-stop. The Foundation of lasting self-confidence is in discovering who you are, what you have (abilities) and embracing the can-do spirit. This is the foundation of it all.

3. Set Your Standards High

Don’t just work at a job. Be known for some level of excellence and detail that sets you apart. Be known for something. Become the reference point for all other staff. become a standard by which others are measured. Let your works and presentations show high levels of thought and work ethic and that alone will fire you up to be more.

4. Take Initiatives

Take initiatives! Grow yourself. Work at tasks that may not be urgent but very important to the growth of the organisation. Make things happen without being told.

5. Get a Mentor

Success begets success. Find out someone in a similar career who is already at an inspiring peak to learn from. Get them to share strategies that you can apply to step up in your career pursuit.

6. Dress For the Next Level

This is tricky. Though looking good has a way of making you feel good. But remember, if you don’t put to work the first five steps, this sixth step won’t do much for you. Confidence starts from the inside first and the outside will eventually change because of what has happened on the inside. But I had to stress the importance to dress for where you want to go because nobody sees the other steps, but this. Use your dressing to create a vibe around your career as a person ready to access the top.

Finally, It’s never too late to build lasting confidence for your career success. Every block has its place. you can invest in certifications, another degree, designer clothes, hair, makeup and still have a vacuum in your life that none of those things can fill. Invest in the scripts that best describe you BestDescript and you will see your career take on a whole new expression.