The First Habit for Business Success 002:

There are many reasons why relationship-building should be your number priority as an individual or even an intending businesswoman. Relationships have proven to be our topmost asset. Every other investment has their place but cannot equal what a relationship can bring into your life. The value is simply inestimable sister! Here are my top reasons why you should invest time knowing your customers, prospects, friends, family, spouse and more importantly God!

  1. Your Health and Happiness Depend on It

Health and happiness are paramount on the list of everyone! But the problem is that some people don’t know how to tap and enjoy this on the journey to growing their business.  But for some who have the natural talent or habit of connecting with people easily, their lives are constantly enriched with joy, laughter and happiness and these make a healthy body.

Even studies have shown that without relationships, humans won’t exist. And when we open ourselves up for relationships, we exude with life, hope and happiness. It takes a life to make a life.

 If you want your health richer and your joy abundant, then cultivate loving relationships. I don’t mean get dirty. That’s not wise and classy. I mean get into the habit of building relationships first that transcends just the business aspect.

Think about your life’s assignment and personal fulfilment in the journey of life. You will certainly need to cultivate this habit not just for success in business but success in life’s purpose. 

A relationship you intentionally cultivate and invest in appropriately will bring you personal fulfilment even if the person does not reciprocate. It is the person who gives that is richer with happiness and life. This rubs off on your health and all. Your journey becomes easy.

No matter how high or low you are now relative to your dreams, you will always need a shoulder to lean on.

Relationships remind us that we are never alone and that thought makes the journey through life and business easy because a great relationship can be all you need to keep pressing, advancing and reaching every goal that you have set for yourself.

2. Relationships Extend your Effectiveness

Until you learn the fine art of building meaningful relationships, you may not know the power that lies in it. If for example you need to meet a prospect to introduce him or her to what you do and you don’t know how because you are just a complete stranger to the fellow. You can simple seek someone whom you know very well and request they get you introduced and that way, your work is almost done. You have leveraged a relationship to get to where you want to. Just like the staircase, if you did not have a contact to leverage on, you would have expended more time and effort getting there. But a contact to leverage on is the lift not the stairs. You are at your destination in minutes.

3. Relationships Create New Relationships

Each relationship we have represents a world of new relationships if well harnessed. The possibilities that come with that cannot be quantified.

For instance, if you have worked with someone closely and he or she is impressed with your services or quality of goods you supplied, that person can refer you to one or two persons who may have the same experience with you and are willing to get you introduced again to their own circle of friends and it happens on and on and the chain expands.

 If we look and back in retrospect and reflect on how we got where we are, you will see what I am sharing with you better. You got here with one relationship that led to the other and so on.

4. Relationships Determine Your Success

I have also learnt that we are interdependent. We are largely reliant on one another. No one or business can exist successfully in isolation. No matter how successful, rich and wealthy a person might be, he or she can never be an island.

In business or life, relationships play a significant role in our success or failure. It determines who we eventually become, the height we reach and the feat we achieve.

Really, the most accomplished business leaders and career women of repute are not those who fly solo or think they know it all but those who are successful at building relationships because know something; they know that no one can grow in the shade. No one or business can thrive in isolation. It is not possible to excel in a vacuum. Relationships are required to start, sustain and grow any pursuit: career or any venture.

5. Relationships Have Business Value

Relationships have a business or economic value. Neither you nor I can truly quantify the value of a relationship. Yes, someone might say I know the value of ABC Company to my business but that is in monetary terms, right? But do you know that a relationship with ABC Company can boost your company’s brand; this is one of the goodwill of a relationship that you cannot measure. Do you also know that the business relationship that you have with Mr A cannot be quantified alone in terms of monetary value?

The influential role of that one individual in your life can turn things around for you. The person may not have an eloquent speech to entice you. The person may not be well-dressed. But the person has a heart that beats with good intentions. So you see, don’t ignore anyone. The action that can change things in your life can start from the least expected person. Whether the person is a Gate Manager or General Manager it makes no difference. Value everyone!