There are certain myths that can distort your view of life and hold you back from reaching for your dreams. Some are self-made while some are belief you picked from your environment. However, certain things are better debunked and done away with when one is ready to move forward and make some outstanding progress. Here is my list of seven myths to let go and be your happy self pursuing what you want out of life

Myth #1. Confidence Is for A Selected Few!

Do you get carried away with the thinking that only some selected few can handle the job but not you?

 The next time you look through the window of your office, walk through the corridor of power or watch a performance, remember that you can be qualified for the job if you give it what it takes. By this I mean, there is always a room for you at the stage or at the top of your career if you meet the requirement.

 Confidence is not for a selected few. So, don’t wonder why certain people could do a thing so well that you pull yourself out of trying too. If you believe you can and intentionally improve your competence level, then go ahead to try and you will discover that could eventually win the heart of everyone.

Keep the mindset that there is room in the topmost of your professional career for you and that you already have all it takes to get in.

The only question is “do you believe you can and are your routines helping you get there?

Have you gotten trapped like I was thinking in those dark days of mine saying:

 “I am not good enough, qualified enough, schooled enough, skilled enough”

 Those were the statement in my head. What a limiting way of thinking?

How much is enough?

Can you measure it?

If you can, then use the habits that I share with you to fix it. Otherwise, you miss on a lot of opportunities and never get much done in your career or business. Confidence is about taking the bull by the horn unafraid! Click To Tweet You’ve got to believe you can and support that belief with the right routines.

Myth #2. People Who Are Confident Are Born Confident

It is a misconception to think that confidence is something inborn. Nobody was ever born with confidence. You can develop your confidence through positive habits that will shared in other articles. It takes a knowledge of who you are and habitual practices to build the confidence you require to succeed at what you do. So, you are never born confident. You grow into it through the knowledge of who you are in God. So, grow in the scriptures!

Myth #3. Pretend to Be Confident And You Will Be

Confidence is not gotten by play-acting, fantasizing or pretending to be! How can a fruit bring forth what it is not? People have been deceived to think they can act what they are not and that’s why we have so many frustrated folks because they cannot act permanently what they are not.

Absolute self-confidence starts from the inside. It starts with an awareness of who you are and whose you are and the congruency that exists between you and what you believe in. It is from this awareness that you should be living from.

In confidence building, it matters that you know who you are, and you are acting the part and not play-acting. So, to carry yourself in a certain way is not self-confidence. Acting from a knowledge of who you are is. That is why Royalties don’t act as though they are royalties. They know they are and walk the talk. When you know yourself better, you carry yourself better and act better. 

Furthermore, lasting confidence is not only about knowing who you are but what you are good at as well as what you are not good at and admitting it without a sense of apology.

The act is the show, but the show is coming from a piece of inside knowledge. A safer haven is to live and act in faith: live from the knowledge of who you are and what you are capable of. That is authentic confidence.

Myth #4. Struggle to Find Self-Confidence

Self-confidence is not something you have to look for, it is something to be. It is not in just acquiring more skills. It thrives on the knowledge of who you are. Work on being that person through knowledge. To find yourself struggling is a quicker way to lose confidence. Thrive from knowledge. It is an error to think that you must look for it. And that is why a lot of people are looking for it in all the wrong places. No wonder lots of people struggle to be successful. Stop looking for it!

Rather, develop into a confident person which is your springboard to success. Be it. It starts from within. Pursue personal development habits that help you develop into a success. Your confidence lies in your awareness of who you are, personal growth and development. The better aware you become, the more confident you are.

Myth #5. You Can Get Instant Self-Confidence

This notion makes self-confidence appear like fast food. Self-confidence should not be confused with the instant good feeling you get when you dress a certain way or get a warm compliment. Self-confidence is a gradual thing you develop into, through knowledge. You must build it inside out. Those who exhibit rock-solid confidence didn’t get there overnight or instantly. It’s in them. It is what they have become over time because of the congruency that exists between who they are, what they do and what is important to them.

Myth #6. You Can Emulate Self-confidence

You can only be you. You cannot become confident by imitating someone. But you can emulate what they did to develop into that. There are milestones to follow! There are habits to put to work daily. Self-confidence cannot be learned from someone else. You develop yours discovering who you are, what you are good at and working on you all the time.

Myth #7: You Have to Be Sociable to Be Confident

This is absolutely misleading. One can be sociable, friendly and extroverted and yet insecure. Being sociable doesn’t qualify you as confident. You can show up as the life of a room and yet unsure about your capabilities. You can control the conversation and direct it to all about yourself without being comfortable in who you are. This kind of person can shout, make some good noise yet within them is a dialogue of self-doubt, sabotage and self-discontentment