For me, while I was growing up into a full-blown woman, some of the beliefs and sure thought-processes that helped boost and continually feeds my confidence were based on biblical beliefs and mindsets. Prior to this time, I had serious problems with my confidence level. While I was grooming myself to be a great music minister, I battled with stage fright from the thoughts that I was not good enough to do the song. So who gave me the microphone? Those who believed I could but for me. I was known to be a great songwriter and music composer but I did not know myself to be so. Then I wondered why there was so much disparity between being good at one thing and the belief that you are good at that thing. This where self-confidence comes in. I agree that no matter how good and talented we are if we don’t believe in ourselves, nothing moves forward. Here are my top 15 beliefs that built my confidence level

I agree that no matter how good and talented we are if we don't believe in ourselves, nothing moves forward. Click To Tweet

Belief # 1. It Can Only Get Better For Me

That things are going to turn out better for me and that I have what it takes to make it happen. I didn’t have to look elsewhere but within me to find my own prowess, strength and ultimately my set of unique wings to help me access any height I could envisage.

Belief #2. I am qualified to do the job at hand

I maintain that there is nothing I can not handle. I have the knowledge, skills and ability to handle anything. That I have the ability to be truly all I could be and accomplish all I can without fear because fear has been dealt with and I do not have the spirit of fear but of power, of love and of a sound mind

Belief #3. I am Strong Enough to Face Anything

I maintain the mindset that other people may have an opinion of me but what matters is mine. I could listen to all the negative comments and opinion that anyone has about me but still walk away strong and unshaken because I was taught that everyone is entitled to their own opinion. I have also learnt that there is only one opinion that matter and that is what God has said about me. So I am strong enough to face the worst comments ever and still be standing on only one – What God said about me

Belief #4. I Possess The Ability For Advancement

At all times, I believe strongly that I possess the power to change my state and my estate. I believe that transformation starts within. If I can think it, I can do it and I could move from where I am to where I want to be barring limitations that stand in my way.

Belief #5. Whatever is Popular Many Not Be Right. Stick to Your Values

I believe that my values may not be the same as the public. So I unwaveringly stick to what is right even if it is not popular amongst the people I respect. My values are mine to keep.

Belief # 6. As a Woman, I Possess The Power to Make a Positive Difference in the World

Gender does not make a difference to me. What makes the difference is the belief system of every person. I maintain that as a woman I am endued with the power to make a huge difference in my family, society, nation, continent and the globe. I have within me the yeast to make it happen

Belief #7 I Reserve the Right and Capability to Say No When I ought

I maintain that I still have the right to say yes or no without apologies. I reserve the right to say no and still feel alright. It is not a matter of being rude. It revolves around who you are, what you stand for and what you can’t stand

Belief #8. I Possess the Right To Share My Ideas Without Inferiority to Anyone

Ideas rule the world. I maintain that I am free to share my ideas within a group without inferiority to anyone. It is my perspective and could save a nation or an economy. Keeping quiet our of fear is a disservice

Belief #9. I Believe That I Could maintain an Empowered and Calm State of Mind Amidst Uncertainty

Life is full of fluctuations and uncertainty. However, I am responsible for my response amidst them all. The winning response is to be poised, composed and unruffled. Maintaining the productive state of joy.

Belief #10. I Accept No Excuse For Failure

I maintain that I could still be positive, energetic enthusiastic in the face of failure and so much pressure and still produce the expected results. Until it is over, it is not over.

Belief #11. I Am Unafraid To Face New Developments

I remain focused That I possess the extraordinary aptitude to face new challenges head-on, conquer and advance forward. I maintain that I have the ability to be innovative and strategic

Belief #12. I Possess The Ability to Walk The Talk

That I possess the ability to walk assured, talk assertively and walk my talk because I know whose I am and who I have believed in

Belief #13. I Maintain That There is a Congruency That Exists In Me

I am convinced and fully persuaded that there is a relationship between my thought, body language, speech and action and that I must maintain all the time. I reserve the right to keep watch over my thoughts and not allow any external factor to change my balance

Belief # 14. I Maintain That How I Look Affect How I See Myself

I agree that the makeup on my face, the beautiful apparel on my body and a pair of heels add some springs to my confidence as a woman and I should not sacrifice it at the altar of motherhood.

How are you intentional about building your confidence?

What are you saying to yourself to build this all-important trait for success in your career, business and all? It pays to monitor your internal dialogue. If you don’t, you will be losing a lot as a person. If you are in business, nobody will buy your products without first being sold on your confidence. I have seen how poor products sold more because the person creating the awareness was not just interested in selling but interested in making the prospect want to buy from her. I have also seen a fresh graduate lead her peers because she demonstrated a trait called self-confidence that her peers were lacking. She demonstrated something that distinguished her from the rest.

Work on your belief system. Work on being confident. Build yours by feeding on the right thoughts and words. Take actions that strengthen your self-confidence. Don’t dwell on information that erodes your confidence. You are born for more and you can only attract more by becoming more confident.