Experience in the corporate world has taught me that it is difficult to navigate the career path without a strong sense of confidence in one’s ability to succeed in their chosen field. For the people who have mastered the art of advancement in the most natural way, kudos but for some who are yet to know how to move from where they are to where they want to be, here are my guidelines to boost your career self-confidence

  1. Start with a Specific Goal in Mind

Your career success depends heavily on your self-confidence and personal leadership. Your personal leadership starts with writing down specific goals you want to achieve in your career. These goals are the pointer to the direction your career will go. These goals are the trajectory of your future in that field. If you don’t write down the goals you want to attain, you may not reach for them. You can only attain what you have set before your eyes.

Your goals must not only be written down but must be clearly defined and identified as a target. If you have a goal to go for your master’s this year. Don’t just write start a ‘Master program’ Write ‘I will start my master’s program in Finance come August at the University of Lagos. Be as clear as you can with the course, time of the year and place of study.  This is how to get specific with your career growth.

Another goal of yours could be to work with a certain company you have desired to work in. Try as much as you can to write it down as we did above. For instance, you set a goal like this one; I want to work with MZZ’s Finance Department as a Finance Manager come the second half of the year 2020. What does that goal do to you? It motivates you to monitor MZZ operations and network with relevant staff. It will make you work towards that direction almost naturally.

2. Take Massive Actions

Goals without actions are dead. They are lost in the dream world. Your goals require massive actions to see the light of the day. Focus on becoming a better person for the job you already have. Work on being the next big thing in your career. Try a new productivity tool. Learn new skills that help you become even more efficient at what you do. Take courses to improve yourself.

Actions that help you reach your professional goals in time doesn’t have to sponsored by the company. Sponsor your own advancement and you will earn more for learning more.

Have strong and uplifting morning routines that put you many steps ahead before the day starts. Learn one new thing in your field that leaves you updated and makes you fresh all the time. Those additions have a way of showing up in your confidence level

3. Visualize the Your Career Goal Happening

There is power in your ability to see better levels for yourself. Virtualisation has a way of fueling your confidence to put in whatever it takes to move from where you are to where you want to be.

What is the future of your career? Have you seen it? What would you have become? How would you look? Who would you have been with? What would you have?

Go ahead and create a new vision board to answer these questions. Drawdown on the new version of yourself that you aspire to be. See it and you will live it.

4. Dress for the Success you Envision

The way we dress affect the places we access. People tend to respect or disrespect us based on how we look. The way you appear tells people whether you mean business or not. It tells people how you think of yourself and your career. Your seriousness is shown in how you appear on a Monday Morning and through the week.

Take care of your appearances and your appearances will give you access to the top. Dress as a success going places. Let the vision of success you see for yourself translate to your wardrobe too. Dress for the future positions you want to take. Highlight your importance from the hair you carry to the shoe you wear.

You don’t have to be flamboyant to look the part as a professional. Invest wisely in areas that speak volumes for you as a woman. Make sure you wear clothes that accentuate your value not your gender curves and more importantly be mindful of the position you envision.

5. Network with the People at The Level You Want to Be

When you attend events don’t be afraid to meet people who are already in the position you want to fill in the nearest future. You cannot tell the full potential of just one contact you meet. If you are afraid still do it afraid and you will be glad you conquered your fears and networked. The way we move up in the ladder of career success is to network with the right people.

The possibilities that networking hold for you cannot be quantified or measured. The potential is limitless.

There various opportunities to network these days. You can network with your sports counterparts, brethren in the church, friends in the club etc. or join your field’s associations where you get to meet key people to help you reach your destination faster.

6. Be Positive and Affirm Your Goals

Keep your hope alive. To affirm your goals is to draw them closer to reality. Your affirmations of those goals help you to keep them alive. Affirm your goals and believe that they will come to pass.

How do you create your own list of affirmations?

  • Start with the words ‘I am.’
  • Use it in the present tense. I am
  • Make your statement in the positive. (Affirm what you want, not what you don’t want)
  • Keep it brief.
  • Make it specific to your goals.
  • Include at least one active emotion or feeling word.
  • Make affirmations for yourself, not others.

Let us have one example: I am an excellent Finance Manager

I am excitedly completing my master’s program

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