Do want to transform your life, build your self-confidence and create new possibilities for yourself?

It starts with knowledge and acknowledgement of who you are!

The quality of your life is directly related to the quality of your communication with yourself

Everything starts with you. Your confidence is in your mouth. You are the architect of your life and the bricks you have in your own words.

Your words change you from the inside as no change can happen outside without it happening within

Whatever you truly want, use your mouth first for it. When you truly want it, don’t stop talking. Just keep saying it.  That’s how you keep the dream alive and bring it to reality. Keep creating it with affirmation.

Affirmation is your power to fuel your confidence to pursue your projects and bring your imagination further.

Anyone who truly succeeded first of all developed the thinking and talking (Language) of a confident person capable of achieving her goals

When you say these things, it first puts you in the right path and direction to achievements. It makes you excited about life and living.

You can harness the power of affirmation in your life by confessing your abilities, goals in achievement mode and desired habits repeatedly. You could record your affirmations with a recorder or download a recorder app on your phone to enable you to listen to yourself after recording. This is a tool you can use to reengineer and reprogramme your whole life.

  1. I am a daughter of the Highest
  2. I am excellent and full of glory
  3. I excel in everything I do
  4. I am bold and confident
  5. I am complete in Christ
  6. I am enough and adequate
  7. I am full of abilities as a writer
  8. I am taught of the Lord
  9. I am sound and wise
  10. I am a solution bringer
  11. I am the answer the world needs
  12. I am smart with my finances
  13. I am gracious and kind
  14. I am a lover of people
  15. I am an empathetic leader
  16. I listen to people
  17. I am a great performer
  18. My results are noised abroad
  19. I am a record-breaker
  20. I am beautiful
  21. I am loved and appreciated
  22. I am made for life
  23. I am the record that God is faithful
  24. I am the delight of the Highest
  25. I am the catalyst for positive change in the world
  26. My songs are for positive impact
  27. My books are a best seller
  28. My write-ups will dissolve self-doubts
  29. My words will bring out the best in people
  30. I am pleasant
  31. I am loving
  32. I am kind
  33. I am amazing
  34. I am super intelligent
  35. I am a dynamic Salesperson
  36. I am innovative
  37. I am fabulous
  38. I am superabundant
  39. I am wealthy
  40. I am rich
  41. I am a wise wife
  42. I am an excellent mother
  43. I am a great organiser
  44. I am responsible
  45. I am resourceful
  46. I am a world-class speaker
  47. I am super intelligent
  48. I am a message
  49. I am adorable
  50. I am steady, measured and well informed


There are 3 groups of people in the world; those who know without a sense of doubt who they are, those who are cloudy when it comes to defining who they are and those who have forgotten who they are. And these group of people have different outcomes as a result.

Bestdescript™ emphasises the power of Self-awareness through knowledge and self-confidence through the affirmation of “I am”

It teaches you the importance of drilling I AM for a few minutes every day.

Whether you know who you are, or you don’t know or you have forgotten, repetition of ‘I am’ will make a lot of difference for you and your confidence level in all areas of your life.