When you hear ‘Confident Woman’, what comes to your mind? What picture do you envision? What image sparks up in your imagination? For me, the picture of a confident woman I see is a woman:

  • At peace with her Maker and herself
  • Happy in her own skin
  • Loving and caring for herself
  • Minding her business
  • Focused on her goals; smashing her projects and achieving success
  • One that takes herself lightly

The list can go on and on. This kind of persons radiate the kind of aura and lead the life I want to live and breathe. They carry an atmosphere of certainty and assurance that makes them magnetic and attractive. Don’t wonder how they got where they are. You will only play in the arena of strong self-confidence if you know what habits to include in your daily routine. That journey begins with the following habits:   

1. She Has a Relationship with God

This is the foundational building block of every confident woman. If you do not have the habit of cultivating fellowship with your Creator nothing else will sustain your confidence. Those who have shown and demonstrated true faith and confidence in themselves have a personal thing going on with the Lord. They invest their time knowing God and embracing His love.

How can you build your relationship with your Maker? You cultivate this relationship through prayer and meditation in His Word. You have to put this first in your list of daily routine to constantly maintain that glow of confidence assurance that comes from communion with Him

2. Her Significance Flow from Who and Whose She is

Knowing who you are and who you represent is what gives you the power to do more and express more with your life.

Every confident woman does one thing before she leaves the house, she looks in the mirror and reminds herself of who she is and who she is not. She is clear on these and allows everything else about her to flow from that knowledge. Her personality is uncompromised. She is not changed by the changing behaviour of the world. She sticks to her person and everything else revolves around that. She does not bank on material things or allows that change who she is. She is constantly defined by who and whose she is and not by what she has.

3. She Has Daily Goals and Action Plan

Goalsetting and taking massive actions are the only ways to execute our dreams.

Today’s confident woman does not wake up wondering what’s up. She has preplanned her day. She knew what she is up against before living the bed. She has a list of goals to clear and action plans to make happen. She sips her hot coffee, gets her hands busy and minds her goals. She is not seen blabbing about without an agenda. She does not float about but flows with her plans. She makes things happen when she is in the block.

4. She Practices Her Affirmation Sessions

Affirmation is a powerful mental technique that helps you program yourself to become who you want to me, what you want to have and accomplish with your life.

Today’s confident woman uses this technique daily. She knows how to boost her confidence level daily with her affirmations. She uses the power of affirmation to inspire and motivate her subconscious to a confident feeling. She constantly reminds herself of who she is, what she has and what she can do. She keeps a record of her journal and confessions. Daily she practices repeatedly; saying those positive words to herself until those words resonate with her soul, thought processes and language.

You too can learn these 50 affirmations to repeat to yourself to boost your confidence.

5. She Does not Conform to Tradition

To conform is to do everything to belong or fit in. Today’s confident woman does not conform to the status quo. She is guided by her value-system and the codes she stands for.  She does not follow the norm or popularity. She is focused on what is right. She dictates the norm and she is independent of people’s reaction to her position. This does not mean she is controversial. It only means she sticks to what is right not what is normal. Tradition does not exist with her. Only rightness!

You don’t try to match other people’s belief and behaviour.

6. She Uses Only Right and Positive Words in Her Communication

One of the ways to know those who are insecure in themselves is the kind of words they use on other people. The insecurity in them finds expression in abusive and hurtful words.

Today’s confident woman is a different personality who appreciates people, chooses her words and uses the right words in her communication with others. She is not vulgar or loose. She is not corrupt and dirty in her conversation. She is decent and chaste. She does not curse or abuse people. She is not arrogant or rude. She respects people whether the person is a Cleaner or a Manager. She accords them the love and respects each deserves without compromise or pride.

7. She Learns Everyday

Learning is very essential and fundamental to building lasting confidence.

Today’s confident woman is fresh and updated in knowledge. She does not stop learning. She trains her mind to learn anything and everything that impart knowledge, skill and ability to her in running her projects. She believes in knowledge and voraciously goes for it.

She attends seminar and conferences that opens and broadens her. She buys books to build her empire. She invests in books to build her finances and business. She pays for courses that boost confidence in her pursuit.

She is not afraid to say, ‘I don’t know, please teach me’. She learns from everyone and anyone. Her phone is a school of knowledge. Her laptop is a tool for learning. Her car is a mobile university. She learns on the go to stay ahead in the game.

8. She is on Purpose Call

What wakes you up in the morning? What energizes you? What gets you going in the face of opposition? Today’s confident woman is a woman who understands her assignment and pursues it with everything she’s got and against all odds. She may be working in a corporate world but does not allow the cubicle to define her purpose or limit her vision. She sees beyond the job to embrace the significance of her life. She is always in constant touch with her purpose and pursues its fulfilment no matter how many things she does with her time

9. She Does not Compare Herself with Others

Comparison is a thief of your self-confidence especially when you can feel depressed and saddened with your present.

Today’s confident woman understands that comparison is for babes who don’t know who they are. Onions have its place and purpose so also does garlic. You cannot wake up and start comparing yourself with other women as everyone has their place and purpose. So, this is what all confident women do to stay happy. They don’t waste their time comparing themselves with other people.  Comparison is the tool that non-confident and unwise women use to remain sad and unhappy with their lives.

If you want to be happy, don’t compare yourself to anyone. You are not anyone’s equal.

10. She Stretches Her Limit

Trying new things and pushing the limits daily is the path to growth and extraordinary confidence in oneself. Every day, today’s confident woman knows is a new day to raise the bar and reach for new heights. She always stretches herself to reach for the top. She does not settle for her oars or coast on her achievements. She sees a new vision and creates a new oasis. She pushes the limit daily and tries new things. She is constantly pushing herself to do more with her life. She does not live in the shadow of her past achievement. She has come into alignment growth as the only way up. Today, enrol for growth. Pleasure and growth don’t reside on the same block. If you are going to grow, stretch no matter the pain you feel.

11. She Opens Her Hands to Others

Giving to others out of kindness and grace is laudable and speaks volume of you.

Confident women practice this very well; they support and help other people. They are not engrossed or engulfed in their own problems. They reach out to help other people who need what they can do without. They love other people. They mentor, teach, motivate and coach people in their team and community to be the best they can possibly be. They are not afraid to be the ladder that others need to climb higher in their career or business. They are willing to share and help because they know that what they make happen for others, someone will make happen for them

12. She Dresses Well and Looks Good

Wearing well-tailored and fitted clothes make you feel powerful. When you feel powerful, you can reach your goals and smash every one of them.

Today’s confident woman knows the importance of looking good. She knows the impact of looking good on her attitudes, self-image and confidence. She wears well-fitted clothes that empower her body, energy and style. She is not loose or scattered. She doesn’t have to show her bust or thighs to prove anything. She is good looking, respected and presentable. Looking the part means you should always be comfortable and easy in what you are wearing. Don’t allow disdain to come to you because of how you appear in public.

13. She Keeps Fit

Exercising keeps you sharp, alert and secure in your body. It brings health to your body and frees your mind from clutters. Today’s confident woman keeps abreast with these healthy practices. One of the ways she does this is to keep up with her daily or weekly exercise schedule.

You too can figure out what your preference is and create a schedule that helps you know when to keep fit. I know that to keep fit is to maintain a confident body that allows you to pursue your dreams. So whatever floats your boat, put it to work! Yours could be walking for 33mins per day, jogging for 45 mins or running weekends. Whatever serves you, maintain it.

14. She Eats Right

Apart from the fact that certain food help boosts our feelings of confidence when you know that you have been practising a healthy eating habit, it has a way of making you feel good in your body which also affects your minds.  Today’s confident woman does not eat anyhow! She selects what goes into her body as she knows it can boost or negatively impact her self-image. She cares for her body and takes vitamins where necessary

Pursue proper nutrition of your body and you will feel the confidence that comes from loading the right stuff in your body.

15. She Embraces Family and Community

Only those who prioritize family understand the value and enjoy the impact. When you feel loved and cared for, when you get the moral support and encouragement you require to pursue your dreams from those you love, it gives you the required gusto and confidence to keep going. But to receive their support you have to value them first. Are they a priority? As a married woman, I could not be isolated in a room writing for hours without the moral support of my beloved husband.

Today’s confident woman understand the place of family and community to become everything she is capable of being.

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